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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Watsapi?

Watsapi is a hosted cloud solution for sending automated or semi-automated WhatsApp messages via web and REST API.

Is Watsapi an official product?

No. Watsapi is an independently running service not endorse or related to WhatsApp and Facebook.

How can I use Watsapi for?

Watsapi was created to be an cloud API message gateway, pretty much analog to what an SMS API would be, but from 5x to 20x times cheaper and far more versatile.

Can I use Watsapi to read incoming messages?

Currently not. We only support outgoing messages.

How it works?

We remotely communicate with your mobile device with WhatsApp pre-installed sending messages. We rely on the remote web API in order to communicate and messages in a relaible way.

What happens if the device is not online?

We will try to communicate with your device. If after several retries we cannot, we will send you an alert via email. Worth noting that no messages will be lost during the process. All messages will be remain in the queue until the device is online again.

Do I need a business account?

No. You can operate with a personal one, as long as the account is operative and not banned. That being said, we encourage our customers running a business to register as a business account in WhatsApp.

Can I get banned?

It all depends on how do you use the system: if you send too many unsolicited messages, users can report you as an spammer, and your account could be banned by WhatsApp. The only downside here is that your account would not be valid anymore and your would need to register a new account with a different phone number. Note this would only happen under scenarios where you are massively sending unsolicited messages to users.

Can I claim banning responsibilities?

We are not responsible, as stated in the service terms, of any situation or service interruption performed by third-parties, including WhatsApp or Facebook. Since Wassenger only operated as a bridge between your WhatsApp account and the WhatsApp network, we are not responsible of potential abuse cases done by users.

Can I cancel the subscription?

Yes, you can cancel the subscription anytime you want. Service will continue operating until the current month billing cycle ends.

Can I get refund?

We are sorry, our service terms does not allow refunds. We would exclusively refund in case of billing error.

Can I do mass messages using Watsapi API's?

No, you can not. The Watsapi API's allows you to send up to 6000 of messages per day. But, if recipients does not want to receive such messages, they will click the "Spam" button in chat info which will eventually lead to your WhatsApp account getting blocked. It is possible to send only messages that the recipients expect.

Can I send images, audio and video files?

Yes, please use /sendFile method provided in the documentation

Will Watsapi API's be updated when I update WhatsApp?

Yes, it will be updated. Our API's have been working since November 2016. For example, for the last half year on the part of WhatsApp there were 2 updates affecting our API's - within 1 working day we adapted the API to the changes.

Is the status "Delivered" and "Read" displayed when sent via the Chat API?

Unfortunately, not yet. This is a priority. In one of the next updates, we'll turn on displaying these statuses in the Watsapi API's.

How many WhatsApp accounts can I connect for $69 / month?

$69/month is the payment for connecting one whatsapp account to our service. When using more than 3 accounts, a special price applies. To find out, contact us.